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Digitalized laboratory space: support systems to reduce human errors

Laboratory systems are increasingly equipped with sensors. They not only monitor but also dynamically reconfigure processes based on the acquired data – such as a dispensing head adapting gradually to change of e.g. fluid viscosity. However, most laboratory processes still involve human operators following pre-defined SOPs. New advances in vision algorithms allow to capture human actions in real-time, log them digitally and warn operators if they deviate from the pre-defined SOP.

Dr. Vincent Revol, Head Tools and Instruments for Life Sciences, CSEM SA

Dr. Vincent Revol heads the unit “Tools and Instruments for Life Sciences” at CSEM. Vincent studied Electrical Engineering at the Ecole Polytechnique Paris and at the Stanford University. He promoted in Physics from the Zürich University. In his role, he initiates research programs and partnerships to shape the future of the laboratory – at the crossroad of liquid handling, microfluidics, robotics and machine learning.

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