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The institute ILT has been developing solutions based on image processing for a large range of applications in the industrial sector. The ILT assists companies in evaluating image processing technologies and implementing automated solutions for industrial processes.

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Following reference projects have been completed:


Detection of textile fabrics
The inspection of textiles are difficult tasks to automate due to the specific properties of textiles. In collaboration with an industrial partner from the textile sector, we have delivered practical solutions for online analysis of fabrics using image processing technology. The automated system enables to localize target positions on fabrics and attach electronic components onto the target spots. The developed software enables a dynamic image correction for compensation of distortion in fabrics.


Automated handling of solar cells
The integration of solar cells into clothes and bags represents an interesting approach in order to harvest light energy for charging of electronic devices. An important research  aspect is the combination of design and function. As part of the fabrication process, an automation solution has been realized to remove cell components for the supporting film and place them into trays. Required functions have been implemented successfully using image processing. Backlighting is applied for the detection of the cutting edges and diffuse bright-field illumination for polarity verification.


Human robot collaboration for bin-picking tasks
The number of product options in the automobile industry requires responsive solutions in the manufacturing and logistics of parts and components. An image processing system has been integrated for this purpose. The image based solution is able to detect and localize unsorted components in bins and to grasp these parts with a  collaborative robot. Although there are restrictions regarding the speed, it could be shown that the bin picking in the box can be implemented in an industrial environment.


Demonstration cell with the LBR iiwa
The demonstration cell is used to present the potential advantages of collaborative robotics and image processing to a wider audience in exhibitions. The tool of the collaborative robot LBR iiwa is equipped with a Baumer camera with Halcon Image Processing Software. First, the robot localizes and identifies the carrier and the workpiece on the desktop. Based on the data of the image processing system, the robot moves accordingly in order to grip the component. Before gripping, the user may adjust the position of the components based on the data provided by the image processing system. The application demonstrates an intuitive collaboration between a robot and a human operator for automated inspection tasks.

Image Processing Machine Vision
Image Processing Machine Vision
Image Processing Machine Vision