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Intuitive drone control

The goal of this project is to design an intuitively controllable human-machine-interface of a drone. On behalf of armasuisse Science + Technology, the ILT develops a user-friendly HMI for minimally trained users.



The drone control consists of a tablet, an augmented-reality-headset (AR-headset) and a controller. The AR-headset sends data from the drone to the pilot and other users equipped with an AR-headset. The result is an improved picture of the situation.



In the context of this project, the ILT will participate in the European Robotics League ERL 2017 in Italy. In the "Grand Challenge", HSR drones cooperate with a land robot from Hochschule Luzern and an underwater robot from FH Kiel in a complex emergency response scenario which is inspired by the 2011 Fukushima accident.


Further information on the ERL.


Contact: Prof. Dr. Christian Bermes, christian.bermes(at)