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Standards in Laborautomation, wo stehen wir heute? Wo geht die Reise hin?

As the Internet of Things (IoT) advances into the experimental sectors, life science, analytical and diagnostic laboratories also begin to enter the IoT/Lab 4.0 playground. After all, there are few better examples of the need for interoperability than a laboratory comprised of a heterogeneous mix of different vendor hardware and software technologies, none of which easily lend themselves to seamless integration. The environment is further complicated by the need to exchange the various data produced by these lab systems and to arrive at traceable and reproducible scientific conclusions.

The Standards in Laboratory Automation Consortium (SiLA) fosters the development of more reliable, stable, and accurate machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and data outputs. By offering standardized integration of lab equipment and computer-based systems, SiLA-compliant products promote science innovation.

Join our workshop to see real-life examples of SiLA satisfying the objectives under Lab 4.0, improving lab productivity, profitability and resource efficiency, as well as decentralizing data such that life science and diagnostic institutions can generate increasing amounts of data from multiple facilities in diverse locations. Finally, the discussion of some hypotheses will complete the workshop.



Dr. Dr. Niklaus Graber, President, SiLA Consortium, Rapperswil-Jona


After his studies in solid state physics, Dr. Graber started his work at Ciba-Geigy AG/Novartis in developing chemical physical measurement technologies and instruments, online analytics and fiberoptic sensors. He also worked on the development of concepts and the realization in automation, with a main focus on handling functions and systems integration for e.g. High-Throughput Screening and Combinatorial Chemistry. Dr. Graber has additional experience in project management of several interdisciplinary projects in research and development, e.g. miniaturization of total analysis systems and automation of the in-process control laboratory for production. In 2001, Dr. Graber switched to the automation and IT support department for pharma research labs in Novartis. Besides the automation support of the drug discovery process, the efficiency for many other labs could be improved by optimizing processes and introducing specific automation solutions. Since 2010, he has been a member of the SiLA Management Committee, currently acting as President.


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